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Tools for the 3d printer maintenance

tools and accessoriesToo many times I happened to have a small malfunction to my printer (self-made kit) and not have the equipment (tools and accessories) to intervene immediately. Or even in the assembly not be able to make some adjustment of up for lack of the right tool.
In general, the tools used are found only in specialized shops, and not in common supermarkets. This makes it worthwhile, both for a factor of time and expense, to buy these things online.

My passion for DIY and 3D printing has led me to create a small workshop, with everything necessary for the maintenance of my 3D printers, for a case study almost full chance of possible problems. I propose to you my “MUST” list of tools  to help in case you need to set up one yourself, or just want to find the right tool for a certain operation.

In this post we will talk about tools, if you intrested also in accessories i recommend you this other post on essential accessories for 3D printing.


The list of essential tools:

  • Wrenches: how not to start this list with the most common mechanical tool. For 3D printing we don’t normally have to go for large, but not even medium sizes.
    The keys used range from n° 12 to n° 6: essenzial tools! Here they are on Amazon.
  • Hex Keys: A good set of hexagon keys is a real must, and every one of us has a set at home. However, we recommend the set with the flared tip. These particular hexagon keys do not necessarily have to be parallel to the screw, but we can also use them “crooked”. This is a great help when we have to screw in uncomfortable places, typically dealing with a 3D printer. Amazon.
  • Screwdriver (with inserts): A good small tool holder is a good weapon in our arsenal. It offers slotted and star-shaped screwdrivers of various sizes, and sometimes even a few Allen screws. Amazon
  • Ceramic screwdriver: Essential for voltage adjustments, it may seem superfluous and perhaps is, but it simplifies the life of much. Amazon.
  • Pliers: pliers of various sizes (at least medium and small) are required, even for dealing with screws smaller than the sixth size. Amazon.
  • Tweezers: To reach and grab very small objects, this tool avoids a fatigue many times. Amazon.
  • Wire Cutters: Same as the pliers. They are so essential that many brands of printers (eg. Anycubic, Creality, etc …) provide them with the machine. Very useful. Amazon.
  • Scissors (better if as an electrician): tool already present in all homes, I have included it in this list because I personally make extensive use of it. I came to buy a pair to eliminate the thread that runs from the nozzle if kept at high temperatures. A scissors before leaving and we will not have problems of mobile clusters of filament. Amazon.

tools and accessories


  • Nozzle cleaners (0.4 mm – various sizes): Nozzle cleaning kit, essential tools! Amazon.
  • Infrared laser thermometer: Useful to check the operating temperature of motors and drivers, to find cold spots in the heated plate and why not … also to check the proper functioning of the home heating. Amazon.
  • Tester : Essential tool for Printer, we can easily test boards and wires, not to mention the various adjustments of the electronics, the Vref adjustment of the drivers of control of stepper motors is among them. Amazon.
  • Tin welder: another very useful tool for electrical/electronic repairs. Personally I recommend a small welder with a fine tip, or maybe interchangeable. Amazon.
  • Tin: it seems obvious, but to work with the welder you need the raw material. Amazon.
  • Digital gauge: Essential tool for any precision adjustment of the printer, it is highly recommended the gauge with at least 2 decimal places. Amazon.

You can find also what are essential accessories for 3D printing in this other post!


tools and accessories

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