TreeD PLA Filament Review

One of the main objectives of TreeD PLA Filaments is to create increasingly easy to print filaments. To open up the world of 3D printing to as many people as possible. Who are not necessarily professional.
That’s why every single material compound is carefully tested and ready to be printed with most printers in your home.
The use of first quality raw materials gives the best repeatability in 3D printing, which is why they offer a truly competitive product.
We have received the free TreeD sample and below we will tell you about our experience:

Extruder: 195°/205°

Bed: Off

Ventilation: Ventilation not required

TreeD PLA: Features

Filament produced in Italy ideal for design objects, is also recommended for the creation of gears, mechanical parts in general (compatible with the realization in PLA), as it maintains the size faithfully.
The PLA we have tested is very resistant and particularly rigid, ideal for withstanding tensile and pressure forces.
One of the strong points of this wire is the realization of cantilevered or bridge parts, it leaves only a few strings and the beam is still very solid.
However, it is recommended to use the ventilation for a good yield.

Treed plaSurface Finish

Surely an excellent filament for what concerns the finish, to the sight and to the touch it results satisfying.

Details Accuracy

Details are faithfully reported.

Size Accuracy

The printed cube has maintained its full size.
* This test may vary depending on the printer settings.


With this brand TreeD we can find the widest range of technical materials in circulation, and even just as PLA we can choose many! we can find Organic, heat resistant, suitable for printing at speed, long prints etc.. we can really have fun.

Treed plaExtrusion

This filament does not present any particular problems related to extrusion.


The TreeD PLA, while printed with the printer’s default settings, has no stringing between different objects.

Treed plaCooling

The filament even with a minimum cooling quantity does not lose any parts and no dripping can be seen.


Once extruded the filament acquires a considerable hardness, and not delamine, even by applying a considerable force.
* This test may vary depending on the extrusion temperature.

Realization of overhanging and bridge parts

The creation of the bridge has a slight failure, only aesthetic, because this PLA is still rigid and resistant. With the TreeD PLA filament we have reached 70° overhang without the aid of supports.

Treed plaTreeD PLA: value for money

The price of the various colors of the PLA inside the store is 34.00 € / kg plus shipping costs. More expensive than other filaments, but we can certainly expect better than average.

Treed pla

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