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Ultimaker 2+

While the original Ultimaker 2 was already an award-winning model, the Ultimaker 2+ offers significant improvements. Interchangeable nozzles, a gear feeder, and optimized airflow, which, taken together, allow an easier and faster 3d printing for a wide range of projects and needs.

There is little to criticise about this open-source machine, well built and loved by the community, except for the price, which is not exactly affordable.

Ultimaker 2+

Ultimaker 2+ is an incremental upgrade to the world’s venerable workhorse of 3D printing, Ultimaker 2. This means it has exactly the same user base as its predecessor. Home users, schools and libraries, as well as small businesses.

It is produced by Ultimaker, a company based in Geldermalsen in the Netherlands. This company has constantly developed a complete range of 3D printers and support ecosystem. This includes the Ultimaker Original + in kit, the Ultimaker 2+ Extended (replacing Ultimaker 2 Extended) and Ultimaker 2 Go. The company  supports the open source movement. So, all users can copy, edit and convert the hardware and software they created. 

Ultimaker 2+:Features

Ultimaker describes Ultimaker 2+ as one of the “most advanced, accurate and reliable 3D desktop printers around” and we broadly agree with this statement. First, none of our test items failed during printing (yet), so the machine gets a high score in terms of reliability. And the quality of the individual print items is quite surprising. So it wins again in terms of accuracy.

But in terms of advanced technology? We’re not so sure that Ultimaker 2+ is innovative enough to keep up with other printers on the market.

Here you can see the Printer: Amazon

Another option is the Extended version, with volume: 22 x 22 x 30 mm, with a retail price of 3030.00. Here other reviews about this printer!

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