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Ultimaker 3

Ultimaker 3 is the latest version of the popular multi-functional 3D printer. It has a heated platform, double extruder and can print with a resolution of up to 20 microns. It supports both PLA and ABS and can reach a speed of 300 mm/s.

As the 2+ version has a camera for remote print control or recording. There is also an extended version with two extruders, which are both easy to exchange and maintain. The two nozzles are 0.4 mm in diameter. This double extruder feature allows you to produce multi-material or multicolour 3D prints.

Ultimaker 3

It is produced by Ultimaker, a company based in Geldermalsen in the Netherlands, which has constantly developed a complete range of 3D printers and support ecosystem. This includes the Ultimaker Original + in kit, the Ultimaker 2+ Extended (replacing Ultimaker 2 Extended) and Ultimaker 2 Go. The company is committed to the open source movement, so the hardware and software it creates are fully documented and free to be copied, modified and converted by all users.

Ultimaker 3: Features

Ultimaker describes Ultimaker 2 as one of the most advanced, accurate and reliable 3D desktop printers around and we broadly agree with this statement. First, none of our test items failed during printing. So the machine gets a high score in terms of reliability. And the quality of individual print objects is quite surprising (even with average settings), so it wins again in terms of accuracy.

But in terms of advanced technology? We’re not so sure that Ultimaker 2+ is innovative enough to keep up with other printers on the market.

Here it is Ultimaker 3: Amazon

Here is the Extended version! The printing volume of the extended version is 215 x 215 x 300 mm.

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