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Volcano PLA FormFutura – Filament Review

With a bit of skepticism, I started to try this Volcano PLA filament by Formfutura. Volcano PLAIts main characteristic is its high mechanical and heat resistance. It must be said that once made our object this should be placed in the normal home oven at 110 ° for twenty minutes and cooled naturally. For today’s test I designed a small object very useful for cleaning the microwave. In fact, just put vinegar in the lower tray, close with the top and put in the microwave for 5min. The steam released will allow us to clean quickly and without chemical detergents.

NB I had a small problem with the nozzle slightly clogged by a previous print, so you see small imperfections not caused by this filament. Having only had one sample I could not repeat the print, which however produced an object completely functional and free of structural defects.

Volcano PLA FormFutura: Let’s go through the main issues
Extrusion Temperature

The press was printed with a Anycubic I3 Mega. Volcano PLA is similar to a normal PLA filament, we worked it at 220° without smells. Layer height 0.2… at a speed of 50mm/sec. The filament exits fluidly without hesitation. (Even with the small extrusion problems mentioned above)

Bed Temperature

60° following an average value provided by the manufacturer. The extruded filament adheres to the surface easily and without any problems and with a minimum of spatula it detaches when cold.


Set around 100% always following the manufacturer’s instructions.

Details Accuracy

The filament reacts very well even with minute details and does not suffer at all from stinging effect

Size accuracy

Measuring it on a sample basis, I did not find any diameter deviations outside the manufacturer’s declared limits, and even the final print was the right size.

Volcano PLA


This filament is sold essentially in black and white colours only.



The remarkable thing is that we have a PLA that enjoys the mechanical characteristics and high temperature resistance of an ABS without the difficulties of processing this material.

Volcano PLA

Volcano PLA FormFutura: CONCLUSIONS

The test took place perfectly after 1:30min it started to create an intense steam that I let continue for at least 2:30minVolcano PLA. With my lady’s infinite joy in the microwave all the fat had melted away and came away with a damp rag. As for our object, however, has not suffered the slightest hint of deteriorating, shrinking or melting. INCREDIBLE! Volcano PLA is a filament designed for professional applications that require high printing speeds and better heat resistance and mechanical properties similar to ABS. Volcano PLA offers the same mechanical and thermal properties as most ABS filaments, but with the biodegradability and ease of printing of PLA.

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